1913 – 2013: The Stainless Steel Centenary

Stainless (or “Rustless”) Steel was first produced by Harry Brearley in Sheffield in 1913 as part of a project to come up with a non-corroding form of steel to fulfil a need for a cheaper alternative to silver plating for cutlery and surgical instruments.

Over the last hundred years the material has been used in a multitude of products and applications due to its extreme versatility and is used by the housewares, medical, industry, architecture, automotive and creative sectors.

2013’s will see a number of celebrations of the centenary of Stainless Steel and we’ll keep you up to date. In the meantime, have a look at the ISSF’s “100 years of  Stainless Steel” video:


You can find out more about Stainless Steel on Wikipedia and at stainlesssteelcentenary.info 

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