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The Stainless Steel Appeal is the association for promoting stainless steel within the home.

The following tips are taken from a leaflet produced by them about caring for stainless steel which will help you care for your knives and accessories:

  • Treated sensibly and with just a little care and attention stainless steel will keep its looks and shine for a lifetime.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to keep stainless steel clean. A simple wash and wipe dry is generally all it takes. For best results, wash yourstainless steel with a hot water solution containing a mild detergent or washing up liquid and wipe over with a soft, dry cloth.
  • “Wiping dry” is the secret to maintaining those gleaming good looks. So don’t leave your pots and pans dripping on the draining board. The ‘wipe dry’ routine is especially important in hard water areas as it will prevent the buildup of a grey coloured film caused by limescale deposits.
  • Make sure that you avoid using abrasive cleaners, scourers and wire wool pads which will simply scratch the gleaming surface. Wire wool pads are particularly damaging as they often leave behind tiny fragments which can rust on to the surface.

Download the leaflet for the full range of hints and tips…

Download the Stainless Steel Care leaflet

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