Knife Sharpening

For best results we recommend a Taylor’s Eye Witness Sheffield Made sharpening steel.

To recondition the edge hold the knife at a 15 degree angle against the steel. Draw across and down from handle to blade tip. Repeat on the other side of the blade.

Serrated blades, draw the flat side of the blade only along the steel to resharpen.

For simple, safe knife sharpening, choose from the Taylor’s Eye Witness Chantry Sharpener range.

Keeping the blade straight, gently pass the knife through from handle to tip several times for easy resharpening of your plain or serrated edge knives.

Scissor Sharpening

The Taylor’s Eye Witness scissor sharpener features a patented carbide sharpening mechanism, which adjusts to suit any blade angle making it suitable for any scissor type.

Holding the open scissor in one hand, draw the sharpener over the blade away from yourself, several times on each blade.

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