MasterChef knives and utensils are designed first and foremost to be professional tools fit for any professional kitchen. In this context, their shape and function has been carefully considered, even before we made them look great!

We are from Sheffield; we have a heritage that stretches back to 1838, so when it came to how the products look, we had a wealth of inspiration to draw on. The idea was to try and bring some of that tradition and heritage up-to-date with a design that combines modern production techniques and the craftsmanship of the artisans who finish them.

Utensils and knives made at the beginning of the 20th Century used pin rivets and smooth hand finished wooden handles. The inspiration for the design of the handles in this range was a vintage Sheffield-made scraper, which originally belonged to my grandfather. It had been so well used, the wooden handle had become smooth like a pebble.

We took inspiration from this beautiful object to develop the form through many handmade models, to get the feel and fit just right. We then combined that care and attention with modern polymer overmoulding techniques, and hand-finishing by Shefield craftsmen, to ensure we have a beautifully tactile object that is a joy to hold, feel and use.

The blades are made high quality Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, which is hardened and tempered to give the perfect basis for our precision grinding machines. The blades are all taper ground to achieve an accurate edge thickness, which is then sharpened and every single knife is tested for sharpness before it is packed and sent to store.

The care and attention we’ve used through the whole design development and manufacturing process is extreme, and we hope you love the results!

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